You Deserve It

The other day I heard successive commercials that were utterly disturbing. You don’t
need to be a nuclear physicist to know their target . . . Sidewalking victims.

The first commercial was for a mortgage loan modification company.

The sales pitch went like this: “Modify your loan and get the lower payments you deserve.” The next commercial was from an attorney. “Been in an accident? Get the money you deserve.”

The final commercial was from a credit repair company. “Let us negotiate your debts down to nothing so you can live the life you deserve!”

Notice the common phrase?

You deserve.

Seriously, what do these people really deserve?

Your credit sucks, you don’t pay your bills on time, and you deserve a better life? Grandma rear ends your car and suddenly you deserve a large cash award from some rich insurance company? You buy a house you can’t afford and now you deserve a lower rate?

How does “deserving” suddenly come so easy with no particular effort, like an event raining from the heavens?

We’re being methodically brainwashed to believe that we deserve everything without obedience to process, or accountability.

You deserve what your actions earned, or haven’t earned.

Being responsible is one thing; being accountable is another.

When you’re accountable to your choices, you alter your behavior in the future and take the driver’s seat of your life.

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