Why Average People Are Destined For The Poor House


To help you to avoid this temptation allow me to show you what the classic responses (myths) are to someone’s lack of financial success:

Myth 1) “Well if it’s that easy why isn’t everyone doing it?!”

I wish I had a buck for each time I’ve heard this ridiculous question. It’s ridiculous because it’s completely hypothetical. The wealthy will always be a minority and they will always be so because the majority are too busy making silly excuses for inaction like this one!

Do you see? The masses are so busy being sceptical about opportunities they miss all the opportunities that come their way. And so they become even more skeptical about the next opportunity and the whole thing becomes a downward spiral.

The question is do you want to be one of the financially free?

Myth 2) “Oh I already know that!”

Please! You may think so, but if that is the case, why are you not already wealthy? If you’re hoping to skim through looking to pick morsels out here and there you will not gain anything.

Myth 3) “That won’t work- you can’t beat the system!”

The only way you are qualified to say this would be if you had already tried to use the knowledge I will be giving you in the true sense and knew what the outcome was. As you do not yet know what the true sense is (because I have not yet told you) it logically follows that you are not qualified to say this.

The argument of a skeptic is often destroyed immediately by the use of logic. Beat the system? If you call the system something that forces us all to go to work in some form or another every day then you’re wrong. Myself and many others are a living testimony to the contrary!

Myth 4) “My friends say this is a waste of time.”

Are your friends all wealthy? Have they used the information I’ll be giving you here before? No? Then how on earth are they qualified to state this garbage?

There are two types of people in this world: Eagles and Chickens. Eagles are fearless and chickens live up to their name and live by fear. An eagle’s first step to living the life of an eagle is to face all fears. And an eagle’s number one fear is: What will my chicken friends think if I start to live differently?

The skepticism of others close to you is something I cannot help you with so it is best that you don’t tell anyone what you are studying, their skepticism is contagious and threatens to condemn you to mediocrity.

The sooner the eagle flies the coop, the sooner the eagle lives the life of power and freedom he was born for!

Remember, the system is designed to keep the vast majority at the grindstone through lack of education. So it stands to reason that the majority of people you mix with will think all this to be a waste of time (read: “I can’t be bothered to change my life and you’re unsettling me by making an effort to change yours”). A wise man once told me to always mix with people who are more successful than you are. He was right.

Myth 5) “Money doesn’t make you happy”

Oh, people lap this one up, which is why so many films and stories try to portray this image. So often we’re told this myth by story-writers; how poor people are so much happier than rich people and how money corrupts people. Story lines like these have subconsciously conditioned you into feeling some sort of guilt or hesitation about becoming wealthy. True, money isn’t everything- happiness is everything and money plays a part in happiness by taking the pressure off, allowing you to leave a job you dislike and follow your dreams. That’s happiness.

The purpose of your life is to find the purpose of your life, and financial freedom is your key to this goal.

So often people (who are stuck in the rat-race) say to me: “Oh, I don’t care about money.” Say what?! So you spend the vast majority of your irreplaceable life working for money and then tell me you don’t care about money?!

That’s more than a contradiction. That’s insanity!

Myth 6) “Rich people have had to be dishonest to get there- I haven’t got much money but at least I got it honestly”

This self-righteous falsehood is said very often by people who have mostly never even met truly wealthy people. I have on the other hand met many such people, and they are all simply very hard working and dedicated (myself included!). Indeed, to become successful, honesty and integrity are of utmost importance especially when it comes to customer service and business. They are prepared to make calculated risks but know that it would be foolish to short-change anyone.

Of course, there are some dishonest rich people just like there are some dishonest poor people, but this is just one more myth poor people want to believe to make themselves feel better about being poor. It comes back to facing the truth.

Myth 7) “It’s alright for some- I haven’t got a head for money/business.”

Now we are coming to the simply feeble excuses. You can insert any one you like here such as not being educated, not being the right sex, colour or age. The list is endless. The current state of our society is increasingly bringing out the weak and needy side of human nature that makes us think nothing is our fault anymore. Something emphasized by the outrageous lawsuits getting through the system. A person becomes obese from eating too much….hey, it’s not his fault, and it was all because of that evil fast-food restaurant that forced him to eat 50 of their hamburgers a day!

No, you’re NOT too old either. Colonel Sanders didn’t make it until he’d lost everything in his 60’s!

Money isn’t prejudice against sex, colour or age. It just wants a master who will understand and nurture it. The only way you’ll be prejudiced against it is when you let another body be in charge of your destiny. Financial freedom takes the upper hand away from the prejudiced.

Myth 8) “I haven’t got the time for all this!”

I’m sure you haven’t! The system is set up that way. Hey, the rat-race is a busy place to be. Just one thing to add:


It doesn’t matter how fast you get to a place if that place you’re going isn’t where you want to be! You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture here friend. You’re thinking on a different level now. Sure, you need to pay the bills so no-one’s asking to quit your job. But you must make time.

Time is now the most precious commodity you have. A key difference between those that succeed and those that fail in life, is what they do in their spare time. Prioritize. What’s more important to you?

Most people (the sheep) can always find something ‘better’ to do, like change the oil in their car. Jiffy Lube charges around $26 to do this and the supplies to do it yourself can run at $21, but 43 million Americans still change their own oil instead of educating themselves about money. The same 43 million Americans who live pay check to pay check most likely!

I talk about financial freedom; they talk about changing their oil. I find it hard to sympathize when they then complain about being poor!

You are quite right when you say your time is precious. What you do with your time is your future!

Is that part-time job necessary enough to deprive you of learning about escaping the grind altogether? What’s the hourly rate of that part-time job? Now deduct tax (at the higher rate most likely). Now deduct what it costs for childcare (both emotionally and financially). Now deduct costs of transport (fuel, tolls etc), dry-cleaning and subsistence. Is it worth it? Or are you too addicted to the work ethic to learn about money and freedom?

Besides, one of the skills you’ll learn here is how to ‘compress time’- to do in one year what it takes most people ten years to do!

Myth 9) “It takes money to make money.”

I’ll be showing you that this is garbage! People who say this find it convenient to do so, just another excuse. This is a sure sign of someone who is in denial about the fact they clearly know nothing about money. I’ve bought plenty of real estate with no money down. I’ve traded all types of currency, stock and commodity with no deposit

Now, are we done with the lame excuses, dogma and self-pity? Excuses don’t produce results. There are a limitless supply of excuses, but no-one ever makes an excuse for success! Listen, I’m going to make this easier than you can imagine and in many ways much can be achieved without even leaving home!

Change and new things are not something to be afraid of! Why would you get your home decorated? Because you want to improve it. You accept the fact that there will be some change in the short-term while the decorators float in and out and create a mess because you know it’s for the best.

This is no different

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