What About Door #3?

Sidewalk or Slow-lane?

Sacrifice today or tomorrow?

Choosing a financial road map for your life is a conundrum that will battle at your psyche.

You can walk the Sidewalk with no financial plan and convince yourself that the indulgences of today have no consequence for tomorrow, or drive the Slow-lane and sacrifice your today for the risk and illusions of a secure tomorrow.

But wait!

There is another choice . . . an alternative, a hybrid financial road map that can create wealth fast and slash 40 years from wealth accumulation.

“Fast” however is relative; if you’re 18 you can be filthy rich by 25. If you’re 30, you can be retired by 36. Broke at 48 and you can retire by 54.

But is it likely? Risky?

If you could play one of three raffles, which would you play?

Raffle Sidewalk:
First prize: $10,000,000 awarded immediately.
Your odds of winning: 1 in 6 million (.0000016%)

Raffle Slow-lane:
First prize: $500,000 awarded in 40 years.
Your odds of winning: 1 in 6 (16%)

Raffle Fast-lane:
First prize: $10,000,000 awarded in 6 years.
Your odds of winning: 1 in 7 (14%)

Which did you pick?

Hopefully Raffle Fast-lane because its rewards far exceed the incremental risk of Raffle Slow-lane.

Raffle Sidewalk is a wasted long shot.

Your choice of financial road maps–Sidewalk, Slow-lane, or Fast-lane–is like this hypothetical raffle.

Once you understand the road maps and their respective wealth equations, you can choose the one that will serve as your compass.

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