The Politically Incorrect Difference Between Winners and Losers


“Losers always whine about trying their best, winners go home with the prom queen.” ~ John Mason from the movie “The Rock”

I REALLY dig that quote.

In fact, I think social media sites like Facebook would almost be worth signing back up to if there was a bit more of the “John Mason” school of inspiration going on instead of the usual politically correct drivel going on there.

Anyway, let’s talk more about that quote above.

There’s a lifetime of wisdom in it. (From a Michael Bay movie!)

Hey, he’s right: Trying IS for losers.

If you want to really get ahead in whatever it is you do, you have to hike up the skirt, strap on the ballz (metaphorically speaking…) and just get the job done.

Don’t TRY to get it done. Just DO it!

Got a project you need to finish?

Then pry yourself off Facebook and do it. Don’t ‘try’ to do it.

Just do it!

Want to increase your income before the end of the month?

Then shut off Angry Birds and get to work. Don’t ‘try” to do it.

Just do it!

Are you wanting to get started on increasing your cash flow because you’re worried about the economy and your retirement? (You should be).

Then don’t “try” to do it.

Just do it!

Trying doesn’t cut it. Like that wrinkled up greenie Yoda says:

Do or do not – there is no try! (Although I like the prom queen quote better!)

Anyway…enough BEEF soup for the soul.

If you want to increase your income, then quit “trying” to do it and just DO it.

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