Thank You For Protecting Our Freedom Special Inside

I’m doing something pretty crazy here, which I’m probably out of my right mind doing…

But to honor those who gave their lives in service in the many countries around the world we come together today to celebrate the gift of freedom you have provided for us all…least we forget.

I’ve put together a veterans day package for you especially.

It’s time to take the last two months of this year by the scruff of the neck and change your 2015!….And today I’m going to do my very best to help you on your journey in 2015 so you don’t waste the incredible opportunity provided to you by those who have fallen in battle to make this all possible

So here’s the deal!

We’ve got to put an end to your crazy job slavery for possibly the next 45 years and start you on your journey in 2015 and away from the VERY REAL spooky prospect of you being unable to provide for yourself and those who depend on you in later life…

So this is for everyone who desires and deserves more…and especially for you on this day.

And to honest…..Sadly, I’m pissed at the crap that’s being peddled out there by complete assholes with their mind set on swindling you out of your hard earned.

So I’ve decided to do my best to make it a no-brainer for those serious about their future financial well being and still keep the complete f#%&$wits out!

Which explains this unusual email – which is about to get weirder.

But first – do you qualify?

Now here’s the ridiculous list:

1. You know you’re not where you want to be in your stage of life and finances, and know that if you continue along the path you’re on, you and your loved ones won’t live the life you deserve

2. You commit to taking 100% responsibility for your life! (That means you accept you created the life you have – you accept that AND you accept that you must do something different to change it!)

3. The thought of working on YOUR financial freedom plan (with a small group of like-minded people) actually excites you.

4. You’re prepared to work on your skills – this is not a get rich by doing nothing deal!

You got where you are with the skills and mindset you have, we need to work on a whole new set of skills for creating cash-flow & freedom from ‘Wealth In A Wheelchair!’

5. You are NOT a VICTIM!

Sorry….we don’t have time to deal with people who just won’t accept they are in control of their life!

You know I’m all about experimenting with different systems and payments.

So I’m going to try something strange.

For all Veterans I’m offering the opportunity to join our Cash Back Portal VIP for free. Send an email to my support and I will send you a FREE VIP Voucher good for one year.

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