Reinvent Your Retirement to Include Youth..

old man in retirement
Say “retirement” and what do you see? I see a crotchety old man on a porch in a creaky rocking chair. I see pharmacies, doctor’s offices, walkers, and unsightly urinary undergarments.

I see nursing homes and overburdened loved ones. I see old and immobile. Heck, I even smell something musty circa 1971. People retire in their 60s or 70s. Even at that age, they struggle to make ends meet and have to rely on bankrupted government programs just to survive.

Others work well into their “golden years” just to maintain their lifestyle. Some never make it and work until death.

How does this happen? Simple. “Get Rich Slow” takes a lifetime to travel and its success is nefariously dependent on too many factors you cannot control.

Invest 50 years into a job and miserly living, then, one day, you can “finish rich” alongside your wheelchair and prescription pillbox.

How uninspiring.

Yet, millions undertake the 50-year gamble. Those who succeed receive their reward of financial freedom with a stinking lump of turd: old age. Gee thanks. But don’t worry; patronization rains from the heavens: “These are the golden years!”

Who are they kidding? Golden to whom?

Retirement is supposed to be life’s destination of financial freedom and leisure.

But if the journey devours 50 years of your life, is it worth it? A 50-year road to wealth isn’t compelling, and because of it, few succeed and those who do settle for financial freedom in life’s twilight.

The problem with accepted norms of retirement is what you do not see. You don’t see youth, you don’t see fun, and you don’t see the realization of dreams. The golden years aren’t golden at all but a waiting room for death.

If you want financial freedom before the Grim Reaper hits the on-deck circle, “Get Rich Slow” isn’t the answer.

Now if you’re under 30, don’t let this talk of retirement scare you. Like the “Get Rich Slow” doctrines that serve them, you’re preconditioned to associate retirement and the golden years with old age.

It need not be this way!

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