Reasons 3 And 4….Why You Have to Quit Your Job This Year

3: Corporations don’t like you.

The executive editor of a major news publication took me out to lunch to get some advice. But before I could talk he started complaining to me: “our top writers keep putting their twitter names in their posts and then when they get more followers they start asking for raises.”

“What’s the problem?” I said. “Don’t you want writers that are popular and well-respected?”

When I say a “major news publication” I am talking MAJOR!

He said, “no, we want to be about the news. We don’t want anyone to be an individual star.”

In other words, his main job was to destroy the career aspirations of his most talented people, the people who swore their loyalty to him, the people who worked 90 hours a week for him.

If they only worked 30 hours a week and were slightly more mediocre he would’ve been happy.

But he doesn’t like you.

He wants you to stay in the hole and he will throw you a meal every once in awhile in exchange for your excrement.

If anyone is a reporter out there and wants to message me privately I will tell you who it was.

But basically, it’s all of your bosses. Every single one of them.

4: Money is not happiness.

A common question I get asked at least once a week, is “should I take the job I like or should I take the job that pays more money”.

Leaving aside the question of “should I take a job at all”, let’s talk about money for a second.

First, the science: studies show that an increase in salary only offers marginal to zero increase in “happiness” above a certain level.

Why is this?

Because the basic fact: people spend what they make.

If your salary increases $5,000 you spend an extra $2000 on features for your car, you have an affair, you buy a new computer, a better couch, a bigger TV, and then you ask, “where did all the money go?”

Even though you needed none of the above now you need one more thing: another increase in your salary, so back to the corporate casino for one more try at the salary roulette wheel.

I have never once seen anyone save the increase in their salary.

In other words, don’t stay at the job for safe salary increases over time.

That will never get you where you want – freedom from financial worry.

5: Count right now how many people can make a major decision that can ruin your life……to be continued

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