One Step Ahead: Getting what you want by…Being Who You Need To Be

What I want to share today is a behavioral model that has the power to transform your life and help you get whatever it is you want.

It’s a simple model you may have heard me talk about before.

It’s called the “Be, Do, Have” model.

But before I explain what it is and why it works, let me tell you about two other models you may be operating out of.

You’ve heard me talk about opportunity seekers a lot in the past. Opportunity seekers typically operate from a “Have, Do, Be” model. It’s based on the way they perceive the world.

“If I had certain things I’d be able to do certain things and I’d be able then to be whatever I wanted.” Let me give you an example.

A while back, I was visiting a friend. And he just bought himself a $2 million house out in the hinterland where he could go to write.

It would be really easy for someone to say “If I had a house like that to write in, I’d be able to write books and then I could be successful too.”

But that way of thinking totally ignores the fact that my friend wrote books before he ever had that house. And had he required a house like that, he would have never succeeded.

The “Have, Do, Be” model is flawed because you base your internal ability to get things done on having certain external things. And that keeps you trapped in “waiting mode” for those things to appear.

It’s just a totally ineffective approach.

The other model you may be familiar with is the “Do, Have, Be” model. I’ll confess that was the model I followed for a good portion of my own life. I assumed that if I did certain things, I would get/have certain things. And once I had those things I would be happy or be fulfilled.

Now this is a framework that will let you achieve some level of success. Because it makes you action prone. You are willing to do those things you need to do, to get those things you want. With the belief that once you have those things you’ll be happy.

I’d venture to guess that most achievers follow this model. However there’s a big downside to it.

Have you ever heard anyone say something like “Is this all there is?” That’s what ultimately happens when you get to the end of the “Do, Have, Be” model. Because you’re never as happy as you thought you would be. You may end up with a lot of stuff, but “stuff” will never make you truly happy.

The only real way to operate in the world, the only way you will feel fulfilled, successful, passionate, and happy is by using the “Be, Do, Have” model.

Who do you have to be…

To do what it is you need to do…

To have whatever it is you want?

It’s an entirely different framework because you recognize that the having things isn’t going to be the thing that makes you feel the way you want.

We’re terrible at projecting our own happiness (or our own unhappiness) from any single event. That’s why people who win the lottery, are often less happy than they were before. And why people who suffer some tragedy, like losing a limb, end up as happy or happier than they were before.

Decide who you need to be, and be that person to the best of your ability right now. Then decide what it is you need to do to get whatever it is you want. And you’ll see how much easier it will be to reach all your goals.

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