Not All Education Is Created Equal..

The problem with formal education used to raise intrinsic value is that it’s ungodly expensive in time and money.

Not a week goes by when I don’t hear about some freshly minted MBA graduate who struggles to pay his student loans while working a mid-grade job he could have gotten out of high school.

Debt that traps you to a job is not good debt.

A preoccupation to become “highly educated” could be a Trojan horse to your freedom.

Not all education is created equal.

Some education can roadblock your wealth road trip.

If an education entombs you under a mountain of debt and shackles you to a job for the rest of your life, is it really a good education?

If an MBA increases your salary by 15% but takes 15 years to pay, was it a good investment?

It’s a great myth: To get rich you need an expensive college degree.


A degree isn’t a prerequisite to wealth. Some of the richest people on earth are people who never finished either high school or college.

Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, Michael Dell, Felix Dennis, David Geffen, and John Paul DeJoria all dropped out of school to pursue wealth creating objectives.

How dare they get rich and not be “educated”!

Formal education will never show you how to do this.

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