“Normal” Is Condemnation To Mediocrity

slow-fast lane
slow-fast lane
Revolutionary Road, the 2008 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, does an
excellent job portraying the Slow-lane’s death grip.

A young couple find themselves living in suburbia, going through the motions of life: The husband (DiCaprio) goes to work every morning and immerses himself in a crowd of his peers while his wife (Winslet) fills the role of the good housewife.

Both instinctively know that something is wrong. They’re settling. They’ve accepted normal.

They’ve forsaken their dreams for the insane plan of everyone.

Throughout the movie we witness their attempts to escape, and with perilous consequences.

The problem is, we’ve been brainwashed to accept the Slow-lane road-map as normal.

The defective road-map gains traction early in life and is sanctified as the “commoners” only
probable means to wealth.

Sounds logical right?

Folks like us just don’t get rich playing pro ball, rapping, singing, acting, or entertaining, so we’re left with the Slow-lane. And for some, that just might be OK.

But for the rest of us with big dreams, big goals, and big ideas, it just doesn’t cut the mustard.

The Slow-laner accepts an existence of frugality and sacrifice to a tipping-point where life feels
like incarceration.

Does this guy’s life seem awesome or mediocre? Will it merge with a dream?

The Slow-lane plan forsakes the now for a faint promise of a wealthy future.

I don’t consider “settle for less” a strategy, which is why the Slow-lane is predisposed to mediocrity.

Life isn’t great, but it isn’t so bad either. No, it could be better . . . but you’ve got to swap the Slow-lane for a new plan.

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