No Control

A job is like sitting in the bed of a pickup truck.

You’re exposed to the harsh elements while the driver of the truck sits comfortably in the driver’s seat. And if the ride gets rough?

You get jacked around or worse, tossed overboard.

There is no control sitting in the back of a pickup truck, and to have this “strategy” at the heart of your financial plan is asinine.

If you don’t control your income, you don’t control your financial plan. If you don’t control your financial plan, you don’t control your freedom.

Millions obediently sing the employee Kum-baya, believing that a job is central to supporting themselves.

Sure, a job can support you, but is your goal only “support”?

Do you want wealth or mediocrity?

If the momentum of your financial road trip can be road blocked by a pink slip, you’re gambling.

You aren’t being real; you’re being foolish. There is neither safety nor security in a job.

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