Let’s answer some tough questions..

Trading generates a heck of a lot of millionaires but more importantly it generates millions of people who never could earn a real living because of their brick and mortar job.

When the internet went mainstream in the mid 1990’s the world literally changed right before our eyes.

Some people understood what was happening and have never looked back.

Years later everyone knows that with trading successfully you can have pretty much anything you want.

Around 2002 trading online went from being a good idea to virtually being required if you wanted to do well in life.

Worldwide masses of people now are 100% commute free and living like they never dreamed possible.

People who missed out standing around for the last decade don’t have to stand around any more.

Speaking of standing…

People stand in protest lines demanding good jobs. But their skills were acquired in 1990 and with some notable exceptions, not much of what was learned in 1990 accomplishes a great deal in 2012.

Median incomes will continue to drop until individuals can justify the opposite. The wealth gap will continue as long as people avoid doing what is required to close the gap.

Trading is really built for a person of above average intelligence who has either been stuck in their job, unemployed or hasn’t been able to figure out exactly what to do to make it happen in their life.

My desired outcome for people is to use our trading systems to secure their future, help build wealth, and create something that generates long term passive income that arrives in the account late at night when only insomniacs are up and about.

My goal for everyone to not only justify a higher median income but to add six figures to whatever that income is.

An MBA must be a wonderful degree to possess. I know a number of brilliant MBA’s and to a person they tell me that what they learned in the Platinum Members Lounge was more valuable to them than their six years at university.

OK, so we are great at showing how and what to do make a substantial amount of money.

Let’s answer some other tough questions:

1) Does this magically bring money to you like The Secret? No.

2) Can I show you how to earn money while you sleep? Yes.

3) Can I show you how to make it easy? Yes.

4) Can I show you how to do it without working to put yourself in
the position to make money while you sleep? No.

5) Is there competition? Plenty.

6) How much does the average trader earn?

The same as in real life. Nothing of significance. If you want to be average you should go back to having no responsibility at a job.

7) Can you earn money without working?

Not without working FIRST. You can set wheels in motion that will spin a long time in trading. This is something unlike the real world, but you ALWAYS have to work first and get paid second.

8) Do you need a degree to earn $100,000 or more per year trading?

Most of the people I know who do well trading dropped out of college or didn’t go in the first place. There is never a degree that is required. What is required is literally passion about whatever you love, intelligence and the ability to work when others whine.

9) Is it possible to do a million dollars my first year in trading?

Possible? Walking through a wall is hypothetically possible. I happen to doubt it. I’ve seen it happen in the second full year. But even that requires being pretty sharp.

10) Is there a way to make trading the markets easy?

Yes. The learning curve can be dramatically shortened, but don’t kid yourself, work is work. If someone took your job today would it be super easy for them on day one? Of course not. What about after two years? Quite simple.

11) What if I try and fail?

You can’t really try and fail. In trading you have almost instant feedback with everything you do. You don’t really have time to fail. You simply will choose to succeed or fail and then do what you choose. you could however “think about beginning” and never begin.

12) Does Duane Cunningham and the Binary Options Experts team know all the secrets?

Are you kidding me? I get surprised every day by cool things people did today to help grow a trading business. I’ve been doing this everyday for 20+ years and I’m always learning new stuff. You could write books about what I don’t know.

Once you’ve built a Trading Business, you will not likely ever return to an office.

The reason traders get paid what they do is because what they do matters. They literally keep the world afloat.

And that’s why they get paid so well.

It’s not magic.

It’s simply the job that the entire planet relies on.

Why delay your dreams any longer?

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