It’s only those who ______________________ that win.

Fail to Win
Fail to Win

It’s only those who attempt UNTIL…that win.

“Failing to win today can’t be a criteria to quit”

If it is, then the person should spare themselves the effort!

Winning requires lots and lots of ongoing effort.


Training is so important.

Perhaps surprisingly, the research into the impact of coaching in professional sports reveals something you wouldn’t expect.

It turns out that most coaches at the professional level, whether football, baseball, hockey, basketball, they almost all have no significant difference attributable to them for their team winning or losing.

In other words, at the level of the pro, the coaches are not statistically significant in determining who will win or lose.

But…there are exceptions.

There are coaches who, by the very fact that this specific human is YOUR coach, CAUSES you to have better results than had you been working with someone else.

An example of this rare coach is Phil Jackson who makes his players better.

That’s not an opinion. It’s a scientific fact.

Another example is Tony Dungy. Bill Belichek is another.

Most coaches at the professional level don’t change outcomes of games.

These coaches do.

The right coach & the right training makes all the difference in the world.

Everyone who wants to win must do and experience certain things.

Everyone needs the right coach.
Everyone needs the right team to train with.
Everyone needs to attempt UNTIL.
Everyone needs to constantly attempt what they currently can’t accomplish.
Everyone needs to compete against the best.

I want to note that I have met a very few people who did not improve their performance by competing.

There are a very few people who improve when not competing against the best.

But on average, when training, competing against humans who are a little better than you are, makes you better… a great deal better.

It goes beyond training with the best and competing.

Winning is experiential.

Winning is also about the manipulation of knowledge.

Every winner knows their field.

Peyton Manning watches game film when other players are sleeping.

The best, the real winners, aren’t often a party to hang out with because they are constantly learning. They engage in increasing the size of the database in their brain.

They learn every nuance that is even tangentially related to what they do.

When I think of this player in baseball history, I think of Pete Rose. Pete was one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

He excelled because he did all the things we’ve already discussed.

And he was a master of the game.

He knows everything about baseball. He knows players performance records for 100 years. He was the consummate student of the game. I remember when he played for the Reds, he was the one player that you really feared. He wasn’t going to hit a home run. He was going to cause his team to win. His performance mattered to the Cincinnati Reds winning.

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Dungy, Phil Jackson and Brian Bellichek all have one thing in common.

They are all forever students of the game. They never stop learning.

They are smart in general and they are particularly astute in their element.

They simply know…everything.

You don’t need to know…everything…yet, but it’s a good time to grow your knowledge in the field and tangential fields in which you want to win.

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