Ask a youngster, how do you get rich young?

You can either live rich young or live rich old while risking death along the way.

The choice is yours and it shouldn’t be a contest.

Rich at 25 years old beats the snot out of rich at 65 years old.

Ask a youngster, how do you get rich young?

Will coupons, mutual funds, and 401(k)s be the answer? Comedic, I know!

Wealth is best lived young and enjoyed while you have health, vibrancy, energy, and yes, maybe even some hair.

Wealth is best lived in the prime of your life, not in its twilight after 40 years of 50-hour workweeks have pulverized your dreams into surrender.

Deep in our soul we know this, yet we continue to faithfully pledge obedience to a financial road map that promises wealth after four or five decades.

And the bigger concern you should have is, does it even work?

The global recession has exposed the Slow-lane for the fraud it is.

With no job, the plan fails.

When the stock market loses 50% of your savings, the plan fails.

When a housing crisis erases 40% of your illiquid net worth in one year, the plan fails.

The plan is a failure because the plan is based on time and factors you can’t control.

Unfortunately, millions of people have faithfully invested decades into the plan only to discover the ugly truth:

The Slow-lane is risky and insufferably impotent.

A strategy that requires your life and your dreams to be paid as penance is a sucker’s bet.

The Slow-lane arrogantly assumes that you will live forever and, of course, be gainfully employed forever.

Unfortunately, wheelchairs don’t fit in the trunks of Lamborghinis!

Don’t Let This Be Yours Strategy…

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