Are you stopping just short of striking gold?

You may remember this true story from Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich…

Insurance Salesman R. U. Darby’s uncle went west to dig for gold and got rich during the gold rush.

After weeks of hard work and digging, he discovered a piece of gold.

He needed machinery to go deeper, so he discreetly covered up the mine, returned home and hatched a plan with his relatives and neighbors.

They pooled their money, bought the needed machinery and had it shipped to the place where the mine was located.

Darby and his uncle returned to the mine and began working.

After filling their first car of the shining ore, they discovered that they had one of the richest gold mines in Colorado.

A few more cars of ore would clear their debts and set them up to start clearing huge profits.

But when the drills went down again, the gold had disappeared. They continued drilling hoping to find something, but came up empty handed.

They finally quit and sold the machinery to a junk man.The junk man was no dummy.

He called a mining engineer to look at the mine. After some calculating, the mining engineer advised the junk man that the project had failed because the owners were not familiar with fault lines.

His calculations showed that if Darby and his uncle had drilled just three more feet, they would have hit the vein of the gold mine.

Following the mining engineer’s advice, the junk man drilled three feet over, struck gold and made millions.

Like the Darby’s, most people stop short of striking gold in their lives, giving up too quickly on their dreams.

Why delay your dreams any longer?

It’s time to take action!

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