A Familair “Fairy Tale”…Maybe It’s Someone You Know?


As a teenager, Jim reads several personal finance books about getting rich.

They tell him to save, get a career, clip coupons, and live below your means. After graduating
with a law degree, Jim follows this advice.

While it is difficult, Jim follows this plan for wealth diligently.

He works 60 hours weekly at his law firm, often neglecting his family and children.

His weekdays are consumed at the office, while his weekends are spent home “recharging”
from the rigors of the workweek.

After 12 years in law, Jim decides his profession is no longer enjoyable. Yet, he decides
to endure, as he is just one promotion away from making partner and a guaranteed
six-figure salary.

As Jim’s life progresses, he never loses sight of his goal: Retire by age 55 because, after all, financial guru Steven says, “The smart people finish rich.”

Jim saves, works overtime, invests in mutual funds, and participates in his firm’s

He continues to endure his job for the sake of the plan. No one said it’d be easy. That “one day” was coming, the day when he’d retire with millions….

He justifies that five days of misery in a hated job was worth the sacrifice for the future.

Then, one hot summer day while mowing the lawn, Jim has a heart attack and dies at
age 51 . . . four years before his destination.

Don’t Let Jim’s Story Be Yours…

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