5 Web Hosting Tips to know before you get a host!…

Having a website or a blog requires that you have a web
hosting account. Without web hosting, it’s not possible to
have an online presence or do online business.

While it’s true that you can get a free hosted site or blog,
you should also realize that the plug can get pulled at
anytime – for any reason. And, many times that’s exactly
what happens. Once you lose your site content, it’s gone.

So to have a strong professional online presence, you should
start with a good web hosting.

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Here are the 5 most important things you should know before
deciding on website hosting and be sure to follow this if
you want to avoid the pitfalls.

1) Server up-time:

A main thing to look for in a host is server up-time. While
100% up-time cannot be guaranteed by any web hosting
company, you can certainly find a host that will guarantee
your site to be up 99% + of the time.

2) Toll Free 24/7 Phone Support:

This is very important because if you have a technical
issue, good support makes a critical difference. Good
support will respond quickly, especially when you have a
technical issue that needs to be resolved fast.

With a good host, you can easily handle all support via
phone or email support tickets. The bottom line on support
is to look for a quick response time when selecting a host.

3) cPanel:

Another main factor is to make sure your web host uses the
cPanel admin interface.

cPanel is most popular across the internet because it allows
you to easily manage your web space. Be sure to avoid hosts
that do not use cPanel. Look for the name Cpanel when
selecting a website host company.

4) Features:

You’ll want a host with a lot of features. You can get a
free site builder in your plan that allows you to use web
templates giving you a professional web presence without
having to know complicated HTML code.

Also, you can get access to ‘easy to install’ scripts which
can be a huge help as you grow your site. For instance
adding a WordPress blog can be installed right on your site
in just a few clicks.

And don’t forget multimedia streaming for video and audio.

Get a plan that includes as much in the package within your
budget range without compromising quality. Also look for
things like: Unlimited hosting space, domains, site
bandwidth, email accounts, and even shopping carts, etc.

Therefore, say you want to add more web domains onto your
host server, it’s a good idea to have plenty of space ready
to grow into. And getting unlimited hosting space built-in
to your plan takes care of it saving you a lot of money down
the road.

And finally…

5) Hosting Costs…

You’ll find that the cost of most hosting space ranges from
under ten bucks up to a few hundred dollars per month and
even more.

But the truth is you can get started with robust web hosting
for under ten dollars…

Let’s summarize the 5 things that can help…

1) Look for 99% + server up time.

2) Read the Host’s support terms so you know what to expect
on any support tasks. Go for toll free call-in support if
you can get it.

3) Make sure your host uses cPanel.

4) Look for robust hosting features within your budget but
without compromising overall quality.

5) On Hosting Cost try to get a lot of bang for your buck
and watch the heavy monthly costs that can add up. Look for
high quality web hosting at an affordable cost.

There you go… You now know the 5 top things to look for
when selecting good web hosting space.

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