Might as well just set fire to your bank account now

Got this interesting question about timing:

“Jim, I work a full time job,have a family and not a lot of time. I want to increase my income but I’m thinking I should wait until I can focus on it more so I can make money faster. Thoughts?”

Yeah, I’ll give you my thoughts:

Time is passing anyway, so why wait?

In fact, as a wise Star Trek villain once said…

“Time is the fire in which we burn”

And it’s absolutely true.

Time is like FIRE.

Our lives are a giant forest, and the second we’re born a fire is set to it. During our lives we can do things to FAN those flames (like by not eating right, abusing drugs, etc) and burn the forest down faster.

We can also do things to SLOW it down, too.

But you can’t douse that fire totally.

It ALWAYS burns.

And eventually, ALL our forests burn down.

Maybe that’s hokey, but it’s true.

There is no “right” time.

There’s only TODAY.

Time is passing anyway.

The fire — fast or slow — is burning.

Why put it off?

If you’re looking to get out of the rat race , quit screwing around, get started!

So get crackin’ my friend.

Every day you put it off, you rob yourself.

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